60 Minutes

A DVD containing a very interesting documentary from Australia, 1996.
It includes an interview with Mark Knopfler who also shows some finger picking on his National guitar and rehearsels for the Golden Heart Tour including parts with the Irish musician and the Electra Strings.
Another part shows Brett Whitely, the man who created the artwork for the Alchemy album ( the artwork itselfs is called Alchemy) and sadly died on 15th June 1992. Mark talks about him and how he will miss him when he visits Australia again.
All pretty rare material and great to see.
The picture quality is not good in the beginning (first 90 seconds only), but just after the intro and when the interview with Mark starts, the picture quality is very good.
The sound is good during the complete recording, but is only there on the right channel (when played on TV, it is on both channels though).
Allthough the title of the documentary is called “60 minutes”, the documentary itself only lasts 13 minutes.